Thursday, May 5, 2016

Polka Dot Pals Sally

This is Polka Dot Pals Sally from Little Miss Muffet Stamps and was colored with some Polychromos pencils.  It was actually one that I colored while camping and we were looking for something to do.  I don't remember what everyone else colored but we all had a great time!  :)

There is a new challenge opening up on the LMM Challenge blog and it's an Anything Goes theme - perfect for any kind of card.  Drop by and share a project.

This project is a little card for my Mom.  The idea was from a tea party invitation I received from my own daughter and I thought it was adorable.  So I reused the doily and twine then inserted a new card in and added some decorations.  Plus the image too, of course.  So . . . from granddaughter to mum to grandmother.  Happy Mother's day!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Clover Toadstool Dreams

Three projects in a row - could it be?  Well, if you haven't already picked yourself up from falling off your chair, then you can do so now.  I promise not to have any more surprises in this post.  LOL.  

This is the Clover Toadstool Dreams Card Kit from Little Miss Muffet Stamps and includes the rubber stamp.  These were actually the original colors that were used for the label of the stamp too.  I paired it with a little bit of red and yellow for a good visual punch. 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Skelekinz No Sunshine

I've been enjoying coloring these Skelekinz rubber stamp images and here's another one for today.  This is Skelekinz No Sunshine rubber stamp from Little Miss Muffet Stamps. I must be on a yellow kick too since both projects have a lot of yellow. 

LMMS is sponsoring Crafty Catz Challenges this week and the theme is "Add Lace" to your projects. I used some odds and ends from the desk - a trusty source of supplies - and also dived into my flower box for some embellishments.  The lace is from a new spool.  Perhaps I could have used up some of my older lace but where is the fun in that?!  LOL

This card is also a new card kit.  Oh yeah!  There were only two kits made and it comes with the rubber stamp too.  Look for Skelekinz No Sunshine Card Kit in the store plus a couple others there as well.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Skelekinz Moon

This project uses Skelekinz Moon rubber stamp from Little Miss Muffet Stamps.  There is a new LMM challenge opening up today that you can come participate in Anything Goes.

This was the first I had colored in a long time and I felt a little displaced.  I knew I wanted to make it more dimensional but I couldn't think out the layers and what needed to be colored.  I ended up coloring the image completely, four times.  LOL.  Then I was able to cut out what I needed and pop them up. 

I had intended to make the moon look real but I definitely I chose the wrong colors.  Now it looks more like cheese!  I suppose that fit in with storytelling so it still works.  I'm reminded of Wallis and Gromit when they journey to the moon - "everybody knows the moon is made of cheese." 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sushi - Rice Crispy Style

This project took some coaxing to get my sous chefs in the kitchen but once they realized "Mom's Sushi Project" consisted of candy and rice crispy treats, they were eager to join the fun.  They each made a variety to fill their trays with and even sneaked a few bites inbetween.  Yummy! 

For the nori (seaweed), we used fruit rollups;  The roe (fish eggs) are made out of jelly-beans that were cut in half; the tako (octopus) is actually a gummy candy that came that way - bonus!  The rest of the tidbits include pull-apart licorice, sour fruit bits and Swedish fish, plus, of course, the rice crispies as the rice. 

We had lots of fun and this will make for a fun sweet snack during our Spring Break.  

Amelia's Tray:

Lydia's Tray

Cassandra's Tray

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tin Games

There's a new release at Little Miss Muffet Stamps today and among them you'll find a few new games too.  These were designed to fit in an Altoid's tin but they can be printed much larger too.  The one featured in the tin is Gummyland which is similar to the Candyland kid's game.  Players advance down the trail to get the hot air balloon. 

The tin games can be loose inside the tin or they can be glued to the outside or the lid of a tin.  This next game is Slides and Ladders.  It's plain to see this was inspired by the Chutes and Ladders kid's game.  However, instead of it based on good/bad behavior, this elephants are just having fun. 

This last game is Little Houses.  It's sort of a combination of Sorry and Trouble.  Players start in the field and move around the board to get home.  But watch out . . . you could be trading places with your opponent which might set you back farther.