Monday, July 5, 2010

Tips, Tricks & Techniques 0x014

Cutting off the unwanted areas on a stamps is probably an old-hat by now, however, here are a few tips that might help anyway. When cutting cling-mounted rubber stamps, keeping the paper backing on while cutting will help the scissors make a straighter cut through the foam and gives the stamp a cleaner edge.

As for cutting, I prefer to make cuts vertically straight through the rubber and foam. However, I know some like to cut angled outward so the foam base is slightly larger than the rubber. Either method will help achieve a clean stamped image. Just be wary of cutting inward on an angle (where the foam is smaller than the rubber) which might cause a slightly blurred edge when stamping. For this reason, I also make short straight snips with the scissors and avoiding longer curved cuts.

Most stamps are round or square in shape and therefore are easy to cut around. However, concave areas, areas that curve in or are hollowed inward, are the most difficult to get to. In this situation, instead of making a curved cut with the scissors, I've found best tool is a hobby knife or Xacto knife. This allows me to finish cutting those areas while still preserving the clean straight edges that I aim for.

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