Friday, December 24, 2010

Jude and his Shenanigan Crew

It's the 12th and final challenge in the 12 Days of Christmas at Simply Betty Stamps and this one is all about Christmas Eve. The prize, like a beautifully wrapped present, is both divine and tantalizing and includes being a guest designer for January! So just like my kids, I'm huddled around the Christmas tree eagerly waiting for tomorrow. :D

I made another fancy folded card but I don't know what this was is called - it's sort of like a step card on one side and a vertical card on the other half. Anyway it was fun to make and allowed for more images to surround the tree... including Mickey in the back hauling off the largest present before anyone else can!

This is my second attempt with Prismacolor Pencils and this time I used Linseed Oil to blend with. Linseed has a strong smell of something very old like a bookstore... nothing headache-inducing but noticeable. It blended easier than a paper stump but it was messy and the oil took overnight to dry out. However, I did notice that it smeared the image in some areas. I printed the digital stamps with a laser printer and usually don't have problems but once I applied the Linseed Oil it would grab some of the toner and smear it around so some areas look dirty.

Challenge: Simply Betty Stamps - 12 Days of Christmas
Challenge: Paper Sundaes - Challenge #49 (Cut it out)
Challenge: Anything Goes - Challenge #30 (C is for Christmas)
Main Stamp:
Jude and his Shenanigan Crew Elf Nelly, Chloe's Cookies & Mickey's Prezzie (SBS) and Christmas Tree (WoJ)
Patterned Paper: Signature Christmas (MME)
Prismacolor Pencils:
1018, 927, 944, 1019, 945, 926, 923, 1003, 977, 1033, 911, 988, 968, 941, 1025

Did you know? The Lost Boys of Sudan are more than 27,000 boys of the Nuer and Dinka ethnic groups who were displaced and/or orphaned during the Second Sudanese Civil War. In 2001, about 3800 Lost Boys arrived in the United States, where they are now scattered in about 38 cities. Most of the boys were orphaned or separated from their families when government troops systematically attacked villages in southern Sudan killing many of the inhabitants, most of whom were civilians. The younger boys survived in large numbers because they were away tending herds or were able to escape into the nearby jungles. Orphaned and with no support, they would make epic journeys lasting years across the borders to international relief camps in Ethiopia and Kenya evading thirst, starvation, wild animals, insects, disease, and one of the most bloody wars of the 20th century.
[Lost Boys of Sudan,]
On the 12th Day of Christmas my Ghoul Love gave to me... presents galore!


  1. Such a jolly card.
    Beautiful layout!
    Merry Christmas dear!

  2. Thank you Barbara for tying out the Prismacolor Pencils and the Linseed Oil and letting us know what how it acts. I agree with you on the muddy edges, I know if it was me I would have thrown it away, but thanks again for sharing the ups and downs. I love the stamps and the layout. I hope you will color it again with the copic and show off your coloring and shading skills. I do so love your work! Keep it up....

  3. apology needed, I'm sorry......I got a chance to see your card in person and the muddy look is not as bad as it looks. Thanks for being a GREAT TEACHER....

  4. Na, no apology needed. :) There's a lot of smudging and if the styles weren't so different looking then I would have switched half-way into the project!! It's bad but someday I'll figure out how to use the colored pencils.

  5. Very cute My fav out of this set has to be tangled Jude. something about his expression wrapped in the lights. I think your color job is great and would love to find the instruction to try a folded card like this.

  6. OK, OK you win....but I would still like to see you color this one with the copics..... :-)

  7. As for instructions, I just kind of fumbled around with it until it looked right. However... here's my attempt to describe how I would do it again:

    On the left half, score halfway across in the middle. On the right side, on the front (bottom) score halfway across at 1" then at 2". Turn it around then for the back part and score at 2" then again at 4". Measure the distance between those two areas and score it in the middle. (1 sore on the left and 5 on the right.) Lastly cut down the center vertically from first score mark to the last, avoiding the ends so it doesn't get cut all the way. Fold and decorate.

    Good luck. :D

  8. Très jolie carte, j'aime beaucoup, bravo!

  9. You made a gorgeous card with a lovely color combination and sweet images. Thank you so much for joining us at Paper Sundaes last week.

  10. so sorry ive not been round sooner, great entry thanks for joining us at anything goes x sue x


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