Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tips, Tricks & Techniques 0x01E

I'm giving it a go experimenting with Prismacolor Pencils and have colored an image from Summer Fairies by Pergamano. The one on the left shows the coloring using the pencils only and the one on the right shows the result after blending.

I blended the dress and flower with a paperstump pressing really hard. The rest of the image with blended with a Prismacolor Blending Pencil which you can see clearly in the hair and bird. I didn't find too much of a difference between the two blending results, although, I had to press down slightly harder with the paperstump.

Main Stamp: Summer Fairies (P)
Prismacolor Pencils:
901, 902, 908, 911, 913, 915, 917, 918, 931, 932, 934, 941, 942, 945, 946, 956, 961, 962, 991, 995, 997, PC921, PC1022, PC1021 and Light Flesh


  1. BARBARA I'm glad your experience :))))
    I very rarely use the blending pen. It smooths out the pencil strokes, but does not stretch the pigment on the paper. I always use stumps with spirit.

  2. Blending with dry stump sounds like hard work! Oh, I usually don't reach for blender pen - just blend Copics-style, with a lighter colour pencil. That way you can have loadsa fun blending yellows with reds, blues with violets etc. lol
    Oh, and the song you asked about is here .
    Havve a merry Christmas!!


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