Saturday, March 12, 2011

What do elves, a frog, and kitchen have in common?

The Make it Colourful Challenge is what elves, a frog and kitchen have in common! This week is all about the kids and the challenge is for them to color something pink. Here are two of my daughters showing their stuff and bringing you two fabulous design team projects!

Lydia's project features a pink frog (from "Pond A Lily)" and the "Christmas Elves" from Make it Crafty. She went all out with the punches and went for a dramatic look with the black background. (Age 4)

Cassandra wanted to try something a little more grand and challenged herself to coloring the Kitchen set (also from Make it Crafty). I thought she did a fabulous job and was even impressed with the placement. She had fund picking out the "right" ribbon and is very proud of her project. (Age 7).

This challenge is for the kids and I hope they all have just as much fun as mine did! Make sure to submit your projects into the collection before next Friday in the kid's challenge at Make it Colourful. Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow Lydia. You are such a clever monkey, just like the elves on your card! *giggles* I love your choice in images and you did such a fabulous job in colouring in that pink frog! But secretly, my favourite part is all the holes you punched. Very creative indeed!

    And Cassandra!
    You are brimming with talent, just like mum! You coloured the kitchen so beautifully and you even coloured the appliances in stainless steel! I can just imagine myself cooking in your kitchen. :)

    Maybe some cookies?

    hugs xxoo

  2. LYDIA! you fussycutter! i love it! the punches are just so much fun and they make a great border! you did such a wonderful job with your card, and the paper you chose to go behind the elves is so pretty!

    Cassandra, sweetheart, you put so much detail into your colouring and it turned out fantastic! i absolutely love those pink bar stools and want some in MY kitchen!

    thank you, girls, for sharing your projects with us!

  3. Oh wow girls I was soo impressed with these fantastic cards I had to pinch them and show them off on my blog too, I hope you dont mind.

    the kitchen is incredible and definetely the perfect ribbon to go with it and Lydia way to go with the punches I just love that pink frog on that black background.

    Hope we get to see lots more of your work.

    Hugs Beccy xx

  4. Wow Lydia, your card is sooo unique, I love what you did with the border punches and I certainly prefer a pink frog to a green one. Gorgeous hun.

    Cassandra, what an awesome kitchen, wish mine looked like that. Love the pink stools.

    Well done girls!
    Hugs Tracy x

  5. Barbara, your daughter's did such a wonderful job on their cards! I bet they had alot of fun making them! I know my girls did! I hope they'll keep making cards! Well done girls!! hugs, Angela

  6. I'M HERE I'M HERE SORRY SWEETIE!! I just been a headless chicken running around doing errands before dd's surgery tomorrow.

    Cassandra you are BRAVE!!!! How did you colour such detail image??You beat me i'm scared of coloring that kitchen lol!You colored every single detail available wow!!!Love the colored scene outside the kitchen just brillient hunnie.Great job and sending lots of hugs for job well done!!!

    Lydia HUNNIE !!! You made me smile so big lol! I'll tell you why:)
    When my baby was doing her card she did the SAME thing what you did with the punching.I really like that you added that to your creation that was smart thinking.Your elves and frog are colored so neat and pretty.You deserve a round of applause!To you and your sister,well done!!!!!!

    HIYA Barbara your girls are so talented no dought soon they will be pros just like you ((hugs to you all))Ruby♥

  7. oh my goodness, lydia! i just adore your coloring and you whole card. you remind me of my girls with all the punches so many times i find all kinds of paper pieces all over the floor from them having as much fun with my punches as you!

    cassandra, your coloring is darling! i love the scene you created - you take after your mama for sure!

    can't wait to see more from both of you! :D

  8. Oooh Lydia ~ beautiful scene you've created and I so loooooove your pink frog.

    Oooh to Cassandra too for that fabulous gourmet kitchen. Looove the eclectic colours you've used and how well they go together.


  9. Lydia made it a totally fun project with all the hole punching! I can see that it can be addictive, LOL! Both the colouring on the elves and the pink frog is beautiful... wonder if the frog will turn into a handsome prince if I kiss it???

    Cassandra is so brave to choose such a difficult image to colour! And you did it brilliantly too! Great job girls! :)


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