Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tips, Tricks & Techniques 0x024

I had the chance to play with the fluorescent Copic markers and see how they compared with the other colors in the Sketch line. So for my own notes, this is how I would describe them and I thought I would share them with everyone. Enjoy!

FV2 is a nice shade of purple, doesn't look fluorescent, and would shade well with BV11 and BV13.

FRV1 is everything you think a pink fluorescent would look like, would probably fit between RV02 and RV04 the best but it is slightly more shocking.

FYR1 is also very fluorescent and looks like the darker shocking shade to YR82 and would blend well with that color.

FYG1 is very similar to my office yellow highlighter and is the same tone as Y11 but slightly greenish. I can't see the point to this color at all when compared to Y00, Y02 and Y04, just the fluorescent factor.

FY1 is also very fluorescent and about the same hue as Y17 but slightly lighter.

FYG2 looks just like YG07, no fluorescent factor that I can see.

FBG2 looks just like BG02, no fluorescent factor that I can see.

FB2 also doesn't have a fluorescent and would probably fit right in between B24 and B26 but has a slight tint of B16 in it.

I ended up ordering FV2 but don't see the need to get the rest, at the moment. I wouldn't even know how to use the true fluorescent colors (orange, yellow, pink, and yellow-orange). However, I'd welcome any ideas!! :D

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