Wednesday, December 28, 2011


It's getting chilly around here so I've selected more of a blue card to show off from my stash. This is Rocky, another in the Christmas Elves Collection from Make it Crafty! I have forgotten what paper I used (you can scroll down to the first elf card to see) but I've loved the color scheme it provided - blue, lt blue, brown, red and white. It's been a fun for these holiday collections!

I have all the standard stuff on this and I love the way the hat turned out - much better than the folds I tried in the last one. However, there is still one rather large one that I could have done with out - but I'm still trying to get the hang of where to place the folds. Don't get me wrong, not complaining... just sharing what I've learned. ;D The rest of the folds in the hat are perfect.

Hope this gives you some inspiration for today and don't forget to stop by tomorrow for a very special surprise - one that you probably already know of, but hopefully a surprise none the less!


  1. Awww Barbara, this is darling, and just WOWEE on your coloring! I don't know what else to say. It's Beautiful.
    Wishing you a Happy New Year!

  2. This is really awe-dorable Barbara. I love the blues and how you did the folds. CAS, it's wonderful.
    I'll be back tomorrow for sure!


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