Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Astronaut Tilda

O'ho'ho'o! Have I got a special project for you today!! :D It's rare to actually capture Gilda but I finally found a good enough bribe and she posed for me just to share with you all! Confused yet? Well, this is Astronaut Tilda as she would look like if she lived on the moon.. Alien Gilda! LOL I saw Anneth's Wolverine Tilda the other day and couldn't resit giving it a try... so meet Gilda...

Well, what do you think? LOL We all want a Gilda in our collection right? Right? :D Ok, so not everyone will be a fan, I know, but she was such a fun challenge to color and it really opens up the possibilities for other faces too. Anneth has also donea Goth Tilda, which I tried but utterly failed and will have to try again later.

The colors in the face were done with N0-N8 and the new E80s colors which turned out great for the theme. I also colored the moon which was not a simple task.... I've done it several times before but never on such a large scale which made it super difficult to get the scaling correct in my mind. But one thing I've learned about coloring moons.... just keep going at it and eventually it will look "just fine!" :D

I wish there were a couple Magnolia only challenges to enter this into but I've used the wrong colors and there are no flowers on this project... so alas, no challenges will have to do. :D Anyway, I hope you like the inspiration, even if you're not a huge fan, but I still know it will make a perfect Father's day card this year. He he he. Cheers!


  1. wow!!! Very interesting, venturing in another world, jejeje. Thanks for the inspiration

  2. hoi barbara
    een prachtige kaart en erg mooi gekleurd,maar vind het wel een beetje griezelig:-))
    groetjes van corry

  3. Heehhee!!! This is the best! What a great colouring!!!

  4. wahou!
    so fun idea ! love your alien Gilda! mazing colouring, and i looove the moon

  5. What a spacy girl, I love it!!!

  6. Oh BamBam, you just couldn't contain yourself!!! LOL Just wait till my hubby sees this one, he'll be over the moon (pardon the pun)

  7. Oh this is so cool & awesome, I wouldn't even try this its way over my head lol. My drawing skills......well I have none to be honest lol. Yours however is fantastic!!

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

  8. Oh, how stinkin cool! Your face and moon are awesome! You've made me look at Tilda in a while new light... Gonna go check on the other altered ladies now! :)

  9. I am not a fan of Tilda, so I absolutely LOVE this!!! And just an FYI - the Magnolia Down Under people don't like it when you fuss with Tilda. Had a friend have her submission removed from their challenge because it wasn't appropriate.
    Granted, she made multiple Tildas sticking out a meat grinder...
    Fabulous work Barbara!

  10. Hi! I love the normal Tilda, but this Tilda is soo fun! She is gorgeous colored! hugs Sandra

  11. awesome colouring, Barbara, you are so good!
    hugs, Alina

  12. Yes, the colouring is awesome, love the card design...

  13. Barbara, WOW what fantastic colourling! This idea opens up so much now with the Tilda/Edwin stamps, hmmmm can do a Twilight themed Tilda & Edwin! Great job Barbara, and I poped over to see the others too, WOW is all I can say to you both!

  14. Hahaha, lovely! Really like this!

    Just a note: it's not me but my husband, Kristofer, that's made all the altered Tildas on my blog - he finds them too cute and loves to make them more cool and a bit scary. :)

  15. I think this kind of Tilda is the best. The traditional way of colouring her is the scariest


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