Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Beetlejuice Burton Chibi

It's Beetlejuice!! SBS style that is - but today he's here as your friendly Realtor! Oh, I know, bright and colorful and oh' so scary ... just like a real Realtor. LOL I once had a boss that had thick hair and bushy eyebrows such as these and when he smilied he was just as creepy. He was missing the piano key teeth, however, but if there was a rainbow suit in his wardrobe I'm sure he'd wear it. (Oozing slime comes to mind.)

The image is Beetlejuice Burton Chibi from Simply B Stamps which is being released this week! This is only the third image of six that we have to show off with a blog hop at the end (Friday) that you don't want to miss out on. :D Come on over to the SBS Blog for more inspiration and to cheer on our guest for today too!

The screen door idea from a challenge blog I recently visited, Card Crafte'r Circle, and went out the next day to buy some screen material. I found some at good'ol Walmart for a cheap price, of course, and now I have enough to make screen doors for the rest of my life! But most of it will probably stay hidden in the closet with some other bulk material. :D

So if you're still with me this week in my quest to brighten these Tim Burton digis then you'll have to tell me how I did on this one. I'm starting to think, once you've been Tim Burton-ized, there is no going back!! Muah ha ha ha.


  1. Your screen door looks amazing! Love the bright colors on his suit!

  2. You sure have a knack for turning gloomy into bright Barbara I love it! That door is amazing I agree with Trina! Awesomeness as usual!


  3. Well you totally brightened it, Barbara! Fantastic image, great design, and I LOVE the door! Hugs Delphine xx

  4. How cool is this!! Love the screen door sand how you have coloured Bettlejuice..... I am always amazed by your 'thinking out side the box'. Just fantastic Barbara.
    Trudie xxx

  5. Fabulous job on your Beetlejuice card, terrific colouring and fab design!

  6. hehehe!! LOVE that you brightened up the colors on him and the screen door is just fabulous!


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