Monday, April 16, 2012

Birthday Mermaid

The challenge at A Day for Daisies this week is to "Add a Feather" and last week's was equally difficult, something about used paper or something. I say difficult because I've had this card sitting in my "drafts" folder just waiting to be used!! So I'm giving up on the ADFD challenge theme and just wanted to show it off - sorry, no feather today. :D

The images I used are Birthday Mermaid and New Shell Baby G from A Day for Daisies. The paper were just a bunch of scraps I had which always feels good to use them up.... the orange is even from Halloween! Then a diecut and some pearls finishes off this card for an underwater adventure.

As you can see there is a tidbit of glow to these psychedelic colors and that's because I used all the Fluorescent colors!! It was a challenge between the MiC teamies and I even went out and bought two black lights just so I can take pictures! LOL I had set my own guidelines to (1) use each of the fluorescent Copic markers, (2) blend them with other colors and (3) keep as much glow as possible.

Except for #1, these guidelines were harder than I thought! Below is a picture using only the black lights and you can see the glow really well. I actually colored with the black lights on so I was able to see my progress. I had problems blending the colors (they just don't like to play well with the other Copic colors) and once the blending had started the fluorescent effect would dissapear! It was one or the other and not much middle ground. In addition, the blue, purple and turquoise colors don't glow as much to begin with.

This is the end result and I hope that next time I can do even better. It's a fun experiment and worth the price in markers if these types of challenges hold any excitement to them! :D Thanks for dropping by and you should also check out these other two blogs for fluorescent coloring...


  1. HI Barbara "Fun tastic" project! it's the first time i see fluorescent colors used! you did a wonderful job, love the effect!
    really funy card!

  2. Oh, Barbara, your Fluorescent Birthday Mermaid and New Shell Baby G look magnificent on this bright and playful card! Your Copic work is beautiful and I love the great photo you show of your fabulous card glowing under the black light. Sweet! TFS! Hugz, ~ Rose

  3. Gorgeous card, Barbara! I love how you used the fluorescents.


  4. beautiful card with these stamps.
    greetings Dora

  5. Awesome! In the black light, your mermaid really looks underwater!

  6. OMG! I never even thought of coloring black light responsive cards!! I am getting out the black light (I already have three), and am going to color with my fluorescents! They don't call me Glowbugg for nothin'! I wish they would come out with a Glow in the Dark pen too! TFS!

  7. Fabulous, the use of fluorescents rocks!

  8. omygoombies but i love the fluorescent look! I had no idea they glowed like that!!! Now I really want this set so I can try it out too... I think you did an amazing job!! Love it!

  9. Very cool to see it with the black light!! Wonderful card!

  10. This is just completely awesome! Love love love how you've done her tail and fin...I didn't think I'd need the fluorescent markers, but hmmmmmm maybe I do.



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