Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Beach Time Chris Munster & Water Balloon London

Welcome back to some more Teen Scene Summer Fun with Simply B Stamps!!  Today I have combined two new images, Beach Time Chris Munster and Water Balloon London, to create this sherbet inspired summer card.  Don't forget to head on over to the SBS Blog for more design team inspiration and I'll have one more project this week to share for this release too.  :D

One of the sheets of decorative paper I used for this project had the old-fashioned photo prints and I knew I wanted to use those!  It took a little juggling around on the layout but I finally got three of them on there and I think it turned out better than I had originally thought.  I've used them again on my final project too - they're just so fun!  :D 

How about a game?  It will be kinda like a Truth or Dare!  What are the top 10 things you want to know about me OR want me to make/create/color?  Leave your answers in the comments and I'll pick one for tomorrow!  {GRIN}


  1. OMG, this is WONDERFUL!!!
    lets see
    1: how did you get your background image on there and where is it from?
    2: which part of crafting do you like best?
    3: how long have you been doing Copic Markers?
    4: what do you look like? you know hair color? ect
    5: where did you get the butterflies on your card?
    6: Do you have kids? Grandkids?
    7: I love all your coloring so just keep doing it?
    8: what got you started in stamping?
    oh this is HARD!!
    9: ummmm... what is your FAVORITE Simply Betty stamp?
    10: is there anything that could get you to quit doing this?

    1. Thanks Corinne! :D
      1: The digi images were merged before printing them out.
      2: Coloring! :D
      3: About 3 years now.
      4: My photo is over on the LMMS Challenges blog. ;D
      5: Make it Crafty chippies.
      6: I have three little misses that rule the house!
      7: Well, ok, if I must. He he he
      8: It was a house party at a friends house about 10 years ago - my has time gone by!
      9: Gosh, so hard to choose but my favorites are the Teen Scenes and Jude & The Rockers. :D
      10: Quit? Should I? Maybe breaking my fingers would do the trick but not something I'm looking forward too.

  2. YOUR coloring is just amazing.. I found my way to your Blog from Betty.. Your background creations are just "stunning'



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