Thursday, May 24, 2012


We've got some new releases at Little Miss Muffet Stamps to show off and the theme is sort of centered around Critters and Combos - however, I couldn't resit adding a few extras and a little Wee One too!  :D  Check out the LMM Challenge Blog for the DT projects and then head on over to the LMMS Store for some shopping!  I released everything today instead of dividing it up - so check it out.  :D

The card I made today was inspired for a dear friends.  I needed to make a simpathy card but nothing I had really expressed my feelings and all felt superficial at the time.  Creating a simpathy card in the moment is one of the hardest projects I've had for a while and it ended up taking me a week to complete  working on it here and there ad not knowing if it would ever be enough.  Anyway, I finally settled on knowing it was for a good friend and she'd probably appreciate anything I could send.  :D

Two of the imgages I used are from the New Releases this week which I combined for the dog - Kiara and Angel Accessories, both from Little Miss Muffet Stamps.  Then in the background I merged it with Timber Top Ridge from Make it Crafty.  I drew the dog lookint at Staffordshire Bull Terriers but I think he can be used for any bulldog types.

I think adding the embellishments on this card took just as long as drawing and coloring the imgages.  LOL  I'd add something and it just wouldn't look right so I'd add something else and let it sit for a day.  This took several days, as I had mentioned, however, this is the ed result.  It may notbe the most perfect card I had made but I rather like how it turned out - so I was finally able to send it off.  :D


  1. Barbara this is so sweet and is such a nice sympathy card. I am sure she will love is just perfect in every way :)

  2. I JUST noticed the angel wings on the dog, and think this is an awesome pet sympathy card. When my dog died, a friend who I barely saw stopped by and left a card in my mailbox. He didn't ring the bell or anything, but seeing that card meant a whole lot to me...

  3. I simply love how this all looks together! What a gorgeous card!

  4. You know she'll love it!

  5. Barbara this is gorgeous. I'm sure she will treasure it.

    And I am totally biased, but the world needs more bull breed stamps. ;-)

  6. This is gorgeous, Barbara! Amazing coloring and details! I am sure your beautiful and thoughtful remembrance will be greatly appreciated!

  7. Barbara,

    I think I know exactly who this card is for and if I know her, you are going to make her so happy that you thought of her in such a special way. She will be so touched by your thoughtfullness!, so sweet of you. The card is absolutely beautiful and the wings on the doggie is just perfect!


  8. Barbara every time I look at this it blows me away, your colourwork is just spectacular!!! super impressed! Joey xx

  9. I saw this card on MiC's gallery & have searched your website to find it for further details! Love this! Soo beautiful :) ((P.s. In my search I noticed much of your other creations amazing and talented!) ♡


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