Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ho'ohau'oli Makamae

Most of my scrapbook pages are rather... well, scrap-ish, but once in a while I like to spend a little more time and try to coordinate a spread.  I don't consider myself the most fanciest or best but I at least have it done and can add it to my books.  Ho'ohau'oli Makamae loosely translated is Joyous Darling in the Hawaiian language.

This is a page of my littlest bean, Amelia, and are the pictures they take at the hospital before coming home. The dress is an heirloom and was one of my own dresses when I was a wee one. It was given to me by my Grandma Wall. Now, I was a couple pounds smaller when I was born but the neck line was large enough to still fit Amelia. :D My Mom had saved three pink outfits that are all similar to this one so each of my daughters were taken in one and they will be passed down to them when they're grown up.


  1. Aww how cute and what a wonderful tradition too. Hugs, Amanda x

  2. Gorgeous layouts, Barbara! The dress is truly a treasure and the pics are so precious!

  3. So precious Barbara! That's so cool about your mom keeping those dresses:)


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