Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Under the Sea Mae

'Tis the season for mermaids and summer fun... well, at least in the northern hemisphere it is!  :D  So here's another card featuring Under the Sea Mae from Some Odd Girl which was released earlier this month.  I also used the coordinating sentiment that comes with it and created this card..."Make a Splash!"

I can't find my brain today!!  I'm taking a summer class that is just killing my brain cells every moment and when I'm not in class I worry about the homework I *should* be doing.  LOL  But I really want to color and relax... maybe even take a little nap.  :D  So this is a card I've had saved up that was created a while ago and is perfect for these summer days.  I always think mermaid hair is always so fun to color because it isn't weighed down by gravity.

The movie I'm watching right now is called "Best is Show" and is one of the funniest, most awark, satire movies I've seen in a while.  It might not be for everyone but it's one I totally understand from both sides of the fence and I still adore it.  :D  I think I'll put in "A Mighty Wind" next and call it a marathon.  LOL


  1. faaaaabulous card and colouring!!

  2. Lovely card! I adored best in show too! We have lots in common... like... we both like soup... and talking or not talking... Oh we could talk or not talk for hours.... ;)

  3. ... and still find things to not talk about! LOL


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