Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sid & Nebula

Are you ready for another background?  This time I went under the sea and created a background for Sid & Nebula to swim around in!!  Because of their name sake, these two reminded me of the amazing colors in a nebula and I wanted to get a little of that color into this.  So I added some yellows and greens then went heavy with the blues.

This background started with a bunch of yellow, green, blue and turquoise patches.  Then starting from the bottoms I covered it all similar to the way I did the night time sky.  I used B99 and blended all the way up to B91.  Then at the bottom I started adding seaweed with the darkest BG, G and YG colors.  The fish were added with another dark color, probably B99, and finally I used the blended pen to add some bubbles and finished those off with the gel pen with more colors.  I love how it turned out - more so than my last one.

Now that I have a couple of these finished, I'm going to add a new label named "... Full Background Techniques" so we can easily see them.  And yes, I say we, because often times I go back and wonder just how I did that so I can reproduce it again.  LOL  So far, each one is unique.

The image I used is Sid & Nebula from Little Miss Muffet Stamps and was released this week along with some other great fantasy horses!  You should check out the awesome release in the What's New section and thanks so much for stopping by today.  *Hugs


  1. You do the best underwater scenes. Fabulous


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  3. That was a typo I cancelled. My comment should have read nice underwater scene. Also, I have yours and Little Hies Muffet blinkies on my blog.

  4. OMG that should say Little Miss Muffet.

  5. This is absolutely stunning, Barbara! The background is amazing! Your exceptional coloring really brings the whole scene to life!

  6. Adorable love those little guys. And your background is awesome, and I got a kick out of the "we" thing since I do stuff like that also.

  7. What I am learning from you is amazing, I am loving this blog and all you are showing me. thank you bunches and bunches, hugs, Cathy K


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