Thursday, October 4, 2012

Monarch Magic

It's been longer than planned but I hope you didn't forget that my daughter and I were doing the Monarch Butterfly Fund.   She and I had drawn the 5 stages of the butterfly images in Hola Butterfly at Little Miss Muffet Stamps.  Here she is with the book, Monarch Magic! by Lynn Rosenblatt and her card she made, which we'll be sending in this weekend.  (Not the book, of course.)

The message she wrote inside was "Dear People who save butterflies, I did a fund raser for the monarch butterflys.  I hope the butterflys are safe.  Love, Cassandra."  She's so sweat!  We sold one image plus she contributed $2.00 and I also contributed $2.00 so we'll be sending $6.00 in to Monarch Butterfly Fund.  We're sending the envelope on Monday so if you decide you also want to contribute you can purchase the image this weekend and I'll include it with the rest.

Update: We sent in $13.00 - Thank you Paddi, Nana Donna and Trina!


  1. That is wonderful, and what a sweetie she is.
    I would love to purchase the image, how would I go about it?

    1. That would be fabulous and she'll be thrilled!! You can find it at this link here...
      Thanks so much!


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