Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer Zombie Teen Miller

Hay there Simply B fans!  We're starting another challenge today and it's from the 12 Months of Halloween!  This month the theme is "Monsters Hitting the Beach" and I've used Summer Zombie Teen Miller for the occasion.  :D  If you remember last time I used him it was the "before" becomging zombied as I had de-zombified him.  Now you can see him enjoying himself as a zombie too. LOL

The background is The Beach from Make it Crafty and Summer Zombie Teen Miller was added super large to make it look like the beach really was in the background.  It also allowed me to focus a little more on the character with all his zombie fresh parts.

Thanks for dropping by and be sure to head on over to the SCC Blog to see all the other fantastic inspiration!  Also you'll want to be sure to keep an eye on that blog as we've got some great things planned next week.  :D

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Celeste Amberglow Owl Always Love You

Hello, hello, hello!  The week is almost over but before we get to the weekend we have a new challenge starting over at Little Miss Muffet Challenges... and this one is much easier than the last!  The theme is icecream and not just any icecream but Neapolitan icecream!!  We want to see projects inspired by this summer favorite with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry colors.  :D

For my project I used Celeste Amberglow Owl Always Love You from Little Miss Muffet Stamps drawn by the fantastic Paula!  For the colors I went with a white vanilla, light pink and that yummy dark chocolate brown.  :D  I think icecream is one of my favorites and I don't mind having it all year around... even in the middle of winter.  I know, it's strange, but it's still a favorite.  LOL

For those wondering, I did well on my mid-term exam and passed with a 81% then I got extra credit which bumped it up to 86%.  For this test it wasn't too bad considering that the highest in the class was an 84% before extra credit.  Phew... I'm glad that is over with and now I can study for my final exam which will be next week.  These summer schedules are always so crammed in for time but I'm excited to say I'll live through it.  LOL

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you get a chance to visit the LMM Challenge Blog to see the other design team's creations and/or come say "Hi" in the new FaceBook group!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Enchanted & Exquisite

It's my day to post on the Make it Crafty blog and I'm sharing a few scans of the latest MiC images I’ve colored.  I merged Enchanted Princess with Enchanted Unicorn and Exquisite Princess with Exquisite Unicorn.  The first one I’ve colored with Prismacolor colored pencils (except the grass on that one) and the second one I colored with Copic markers.

I’ve had my Prismacolor pencils for almost 20 years now and still haven’t managed to get the hang of it. However, with the help of the other MIC gals, I’ve been able to do a little better each time I work with them.  This time I colored on normal paper and should have picked something with more of a tooth to it (i.e. more texture).  However, I found a blender marker for pencils at the store and gave that a try after it was colored.  For me, it worked out better than a rubbing nib so I’m anxious to try it on better paper next time.

One thing that I do differently with the pencils from the Copic markers is grabbing colors without looking at a color chart.  i think this helps me get more depth and variation in the colors but sometimes it also gets me into trouble.  For example, I like how the blue and purples worked on the unicorn but the added orange in the dress isn’t my favorite.  None-the-less, it was a fun image to color and experiment with.

This second image was just to help me feel better and get something colored that I enjoyed.  LOL  So I whipped out my Copic markers and enjoyed the light smooth feel to the brush versus the pressure with the colored pencils.  I think that is why this one turned out better than the first. 

For some areas on this image, mainly the dress and shoes, I used a white gel pen to add highlights back in.  I was hoping this would give the sheer fabric a little reflective shine to it and set it apart from the other fabrics in the dress.  I added highlights to the unicorn’s horn and hoofs as well as the golden shoes of the princess.

That’s about all for today and I hope this inspires you a bit. Thanks for coming by and have a great week!

Images used by Make it Crafty