Friday, September 28, 2012

Winter Friends

Just a quick post here to start the weekend off and hopefully bring in a little chilly temperatures to cool down Texas for a while.  Not winter winds but I'd like to order a little cool breeze for great weekend play!  Now wouldn't that be awesome - to order up the weather!  LOL  Anyway, I wish I was crafting but here's another card I made from the summer months that I can still share.  I think I have about 7 more hiding in "draft" mode so I can at least keep ya'll inspired!


The image on this is from Some Odd Girl called Winter Friends and I used the two penguins (of course you can see that) and the fun accessories that come with it to dress them up.  These cuties were quick to color up and so satisfying to finish.  Then I use my Nestabilities and assembled it with a simple layout - voila, another holiday card to use this year!  Hopefully I'll have enough by time December comes around.  :D  How about you... getting close to reaching your goals?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Luna Bitterfrost Stars Rock

This is such an exciting week and there is just so much going on that I feel like I've been writing posts every day!  LOL  But that's great and really keeps me on my toes.  :D  What's more is I have finally updated and released a whole bunch of new stamps at Little Miss Muffet Stamps today!!  (You can read more about it below.)  I wish I had a card using one of the new images but instead I'm sharing an older one I created during the summer.

The image I used is Luna Bitterfrost Stars Rock by Little Miss Muffet Stamps which was drawn by Pollycraft.  This girl reminds me so much of my daughter because she is currently "into" double braids, just like this image, and she asks for them every day!  I've been creative enough that I have about 4 different styles so her fashion statments isn't quite to monotonous.  She's happy and I'm happy.  LOL

Anyway, now back to the New Releases today at LMMS... I'm so excited to announce a whole knew set of images called Build-a-Monster!!  There are over 90 elements to play with and an endless number of monsters you could create.  It's been so much fun that I've created several monsters myself!

Take a look at What's New...

Monster Mash - Monsters Lou and TiaMonster Mash - Monsters KipMonster Mash - Monsters Ray
Monster Mash - Monsters PatMonster Mash - Monsters MegMonster Mash - Monsters JebMonster Mash - Monsters Sid
Monster Mash - Monsters HalMonster Mash - Monsters GusMonster Mash - Monsters FloMonster Mash - Monsters Ben
Build-a-Monster Complete Mega PackBuild-a-Monster Elements Pack ABuild-a-Monster Elements Pack B

The Complete Mega Pack includes the whole kit and caboodle for endless fun - it has all 90 elements to play with PLUS 10 different monsters that are already completed!!  However, I've also created two mini packs that have a selection of the elements into a small package.  Each of the combo packs include the elements in PNG format with transparent background for easy merging.  It will keep you busy for hours!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Zoe Hatter

I have some very exciting news to share (starting now, September 27th at 12:00 am Australian time) ... it's a birthday celebration!!  Whoop whoop!  Who's you might ask?  Well... Zoe from Make it Crafty!

After all, a special day like this only comes around once a year so why not celebrate in style!  I went all out and had fun creating this card to send her (close your eyes Zoe until it arrives in your mailbox.  LOL).  Now I know that pink isn't her favorite color but with the amount of estrogen waiving around my little house sometimes it becomes overpowering and as a result this is what happens... lots and lots of pink to share!   He he he

We thought it would be fun to share the excitement of today and as a fun way to get everyone involved we have a surprise for you!!  Check out this image especially drawn for Zoe by me (Little Miss Muffet Stamps) which features a Sweetheart dress for any occasion with a festive Gumnut flower sun hat that is reminiscent of Australia.   


This Zoe Hatter image will be available as a freebie for today only in celebration for Zoe's Birthday!!  How cool is that?!  If you want to play along, just email me at and as long as it's September 27th anywhere in the world then the offer is still open!!  Share you're creations in the MiC FB Group and LMMS FB Group too - we'd love to see what you make!

I'm currently leaving the NEWS Blog Candy open while this is going on so you can still get your name included in the drawing pool for that too!  And thank you to all my new Followers and I hope to continue to inspire you with projects and coloring. If you get a chance, make sure to head on over to wish Zoe a Happy Birthday and thanks so much for dropping by today!!  *Hugs

The Paper Project - Experiment X

It's been a while since I've posted one of these tests but in reality I've had two of them finished for quite some time now.  Even though I finished the other one first, I was more excited to show off this one.  So without further adieu here is the next experiment.

Experiment X - Paper Comparisons

The purpose of this experiment was to basically color the same way on several different types of papers.  I wanted to show that great results can be achieved on any paper however the difficulties you might have would be different on each of the papers.  This is similar to Experiment IV but with different papers.

For this test I used images from The Greeting Farm and they colored using the same colors and as close to the same techniques as possible.

The papers are identified in the Introduction and here are the results:
(Click on the picture for a zoomed look.)

I used the same technique for the most part on each of the papers but there might be a few adjustments here and there depending on how the paper worked.

Here are the three papers used along with their assigned letter:
The papers I thought were the easiest to work with were J, U and X, and thus received my recommendation based on this test.  Then the close runner-ups would be G and M and I could consider these to be good backups.  However, the papers I didn't prefer to work with are B, N and V which were difficult to get smooth blending and/or blotches would appear after a couple layers of ink.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Enchanted & Exquisit

Does that title sound a little familiar?  He he he.  Well it should as I haven't done any coloring this round but have taken a few of my previous projects and made them into cards.  Today is my day to feature a project at the Make it Crafty Store blog and and I wanted to show you what I've done with the Exquisite Princess, Exquisite Unicorn, Enchanted Princess & Enchanted Unicorn merges I had colored a while ago.

As a refresher, I had colored the Enchanted merged images with Copic markers and the Exquisite merged images with Prismacolored Pencils.  You can click HERE to see the previous post I'm referring to.  This first project merges Exquisite Princess and Exquisite Unicorn image from Make it Crafty.

Each of the projects takes the image and pairs it with coordinating colors of decorative paper then I assembled them with a basic layout, featuring the image in the center.  Because the images were larger than I wanted for the center portion, I had cut around the image where it would be extending outside of my shape.

In the first one above, I used a diecut circle so I had to be careful to layer the image just so before putting it through the dicutter.  However, the one below I'm just using my paper cutter so I just lifted the bade when it was over the image part then cut around that portion with scissors.  It adds a little interest to the project, I think, and allows for more of the decorative paper to show.

This second project uses Enchanted Princess & Enchanted Unicorn images merged together from Make it Crafty.  Now that's two colored images created into something, and who knows how many more to go!  Maybe 20? 30 more?  I've lost count and I too embarrassed to count again.  LOL  Anyway, hope you like these two and thanks for coming by today.  :D