Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bandit Boy Tom at Halloween

Good morning (or evening)!  I'm excited to say that it's a New Release day at Little Miss Muffet Stamps and I have put up six new images especially for Halloween plus a great Party Banner Diecut which is perfect for any occasion!!  These are items you don't want to miss out on.  :D  And the good news is that I was able to make a card!  We got out of class 30 minutes early so I decided to take advantage of my time.  :D

The image is Bandit Boy Tom at Halloween from Little Miss Muffet Stamps and in the background I used the new Party Banner Diecut, also from Little Miss Muffet Stamps!  I used both layers plus the stars to decorate them and I couldn't resit using my new spider punch to add a few spooky details.

The card layout is pretty simple but I found these googly eyes that are self sticking and I love them!  LOL  So this is just two of the new items and don't forget to head on over to the LMM Challenge Blog to see all the great projects created by the DT - they're awesome!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Witchy Wanda

Surprise!! For the Make it Crafty Store Blog I have a small coloring project that I have shamelessly back dated and posted for your enjoyment!!  Having two days a month to post projects you'd think that would be no problem - but alas sometimes they sneak up on me and I'm swamped with "life" that I just don't get around to it.  However, the days are still there, blank with no post, empty and calling out to me, taunting and teasing my OCD urges that I try so hard to suppress!  Yes I'm afraid that is what has happened and for better or worse I just can't resist the urge any longer and must fill the void!!  LOL

So "today" I have found an image that I had colored long ago which I haven't shared yet... this is Witchy Wanda from Make it Crafty.  One of my main goals while coloring this image was to give her more color than the traditional black with black Halloween colors that are associated with witches.  So I started with giving her red hair then the green naturally followed as a complementary color.  Then for additional color I added the white to "accessories" and finished off her wardrobe with black. This gave me several colors to work with which was certain to achieve my goal.  However, with so many colors it is sometimes hard to determine where and what to color!!  That's when I try to rely on a tricolor rule and hope it works out in the end.

I'm not sure if the Tricolor Rule is an official artsy term but it sure helps me a bunch especially for smaller images that I want to use many colors.  Here's how I think of it... when looking at the image I try to pick out three areas of a triangle to use the same color on.  These would be features that are about the same size and would have the same level of focus drawn to them.  For example, in this I have the hat, bow and boots in black; another example would be the white and my triangle would be the peakos and her two gloves.   Some that are not so obvious is the green being the bow on the hat, the larger skirt area and the top part of her dress; and even her skin helps create another triangle with her two shoulders and her face.

It's a mess to see the image with all those triangles but with the six triangles showing it helps to visualize the concept better.  When it works out, it's a great way to disperse the colors around the image and it helps me decide what colors should go where.  Hopefully this gives you some ideas for when you're stuck on your next image and can't decide how to color it.  If so, I'm glad it worked out and that I could share this little tip.  :D  Good luck!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

NEWS - Animal Crackers

I've been meaning to come in here for a while to get the next blog candy or freebie up but have been thwarted by the time it takes to boot my kids off my computer and work on the graphics!  LOL  But today is Sunday and I've proclaimed the computer for myself.  Muah ha ha ha  Which means you get the benefits too as I've had plenty of time to get this post put together.  :D

Thanks to all my followers and for all the lovely comments you've been leaving.  I'm sure you're all wondering who is the lucky winner of my forgotten scraps?  So let's get to it!  Using on the comments, the winner is #2, who is ...

Leah Ann Gast 
"Oh my word! What a awesome candy :O) Wow!!! Crossing my fingers :O) Hugs! Leah Ann"

Congratulations Leah Ann!!  Email me with your mailing address and I'll get your loot shipped out to you sometime this week.  :D  Thank you to everyone who participated and I'm sure I'll have another large loot in the future!

Now onto the next offering.  I have to admit, rather grudgingly, that I am an image collector.  I have so many stamps and digi images that there is no way I'm going to get through using them all.  Last year I went through my stamps and organized everything - it actually took me several month - but my stamp corner is now clean and I feel better about browsing the lot.  However, I found that I have many duplicates and sometimes triplets in that collection!  Just don't tell my hubby!  LOL  So this is what I'd love to share with ya'll... FOUR Animal Cracker Circus clear stamps by Imaginisce!

Here's the regular details and how to participate in this blog candy.  As a huge thank you to my Followers, I'm going to regularly post freebies, blog candies and give-aways right here on this blog!!  I don't know exactly when the next NEWS will be posted so your time limit will be variable and between posts.  For example, on this offer here, you will have until I randomly post the next offer.  So what do you have to do to take advantage of these offers??  All you have to do is ...

Note: This offer has expired.  
You can click HERE to see the most recent News.
1. Be a Follower of this blog 
2. Leave a comment below

If you would like to post the NEWS Badge on your sidebar then that is optional, however, it is a great tool to be notified of the next freebie.  Sounds impossible?  Na, it's simple and similar to the way I do the Little Miss Muffet NEWS Badge which has worked great!  (P.S. There's freebie opportunities over there too so be sure to add that badge while you're at it.)  Here is the code and details on this badge...

NOTE: This is important ... make sure you use the code above when grabbing the blinkie as it's the only way it will be will update automatically. Once it's on your blog, the blinkie will change when I post another offer and you'll get to see the latest news right from your sidebar!  It's a great way to get alerted whenever there is another freebie, blog candy or giveaway posted!!  :D

For freebies, I'll email out the image in a couple days and it will be in a PNG format.  For blog candies and give-aways, winners will be randomly selected and announced in the next NEWS post.  Then you can send me your mailing address and I'll ship out your goodies as soon as possible.

I think that about sums it up and thank you for stopping by!  *Hugs