Sunday, November 25, 2012


I don't know about you but I love to have a "stash" of projects waiting in draft mode so I can post them whenever I can or whenever I need to.  :D  However, I'm down to my last one - eek!!  With this one posted that reduces my number of draft posts down to three - one is a recipe for some killer pickles that I'll share one day, another one I was asked to remove but just can't bring myself to delete it, and the third one is just a bookmark type post to help me remember a few things.  So basically that it.. they're all gone!!  Sniff, sniff.

But I love this project and wanted to share it with you before I returned home from holidays.  It uses Nightwind from Little Miss Muffet Stamps and is part of the Hills of Mooradale collection drawn by Simply Sophia.  I am loving the ponies and fairies that she is creating and actually have a few on the drawing block that we're working on together.  Yeah!  So keep you eyes out for them coming soon!  :D

I've had this paper for a while and love the whimiscal clouds and kites flying in the sky and was excited to use Nightwind - I thought it was a perfect match!  The sentiment says "Caputre life's moments!"  Thanks for dropping by today and I hope you're having a great weekend!!  I have only two weeks of school left before the end of this semester and I'm getting excited.  :D