Saturday, December 29, 2012

Elf Delivery System

Is anyone a Hobbit fan?  I just had the opportunity to watch the three hour epic tail and was both impressed and disappointment but it will still go on the shelf next to The Lord of the Rings!  It's interesting to see the story come to life after reading it but I've resolved to read the books again including the Lost Tales and the Silmarillion if possible!  Last time that book put me to sleep so we'll see if I make it more than half way through.  He he he

This image is Elf Delivery System from Make it Crafty which was part of the Cheeky Elves Collection.  I love this image and a Skadoosh sound effect every time I see it - you know the "skadoosh" from Kung Fu Panda?  Yea, that one!  LOL

That's my car and hopefully it will find it's way to a nice homenext holiday season.  But for now, I'm off to start another movie and get caught up with my emails.  Ciao!

Friday, December 28, 2012


This is so exciting - I've managed to take eight of my colored images and create cards with them!!  Of course I was a little distracted by the movies I was watching but I've managed to create a nice little pile of cards to use next year!  So this blog is going to be quite busy as I share them here.  :D

The image on this one is Nanuk from Little Miss Muffet Stamps.  It's the same image I colored for the store except I went back in and added some light shadows with BV20 and BV23.  Then the ground was colored with C0, C1, and C3 and the sky was B000 and B01.

You would think that Christmas paper would be universal but I have the hardest time matching those papers with my images!  Seriously, I have about dozen different color pads and none of them do magic for me.  But I've decided to use as much as possible then after this season give the left overs away.  He he he.  It will be nice to start fresh next year!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

NEWS - Diamonds

There's so many exciting things going on... Christmas, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day and now New Year's is just right around the corner!!  Hopefully everyone is having a wonderful holiday season and I must say that I was very surprised when it started snowing today!!  Yes, snow in Texas!!  It's actually sticking to the ground too and might actually be there when we wake up tomorrow.  :D  It's such a rarity and only happens one or two days in the year so to have it ON Christmas was truly awesome!!

I was able to steel away some time and wanted to post about the next offering I have... this time I'm giving away a set of Spellbinders Nestabilities Classic Diamonds diecuts!!  There are some fabulous harlequin and argyle patterns you can do with these as well the the traditional layering and embossing that Spellbinders are known for.  They should be lots of fun and will be making their way to a new home for one lucky winner!!

Here's the regular details and how to participate in this blog candy.  As a huge thank you to my Followers, I'm going to regularly post freebies, blog candies and give-aways right here on this blog!!  I don't know exactly when the next NEWS will be posted so your time limit will be variable and between posts.  For example, on this offer here, you will have until I randomly post the next offer.  So what do you have to do to take advantage of these offers??  All you have to do is ...

Note: This offer has expired.  
You can click HERE to see the most recent News.

1. Be a Follower of this blog 
2. Leave a comment below

If you would like to post the NEWS Badge on your sidebar then that is optional, however, it is a great tool to be notified of the next freebie.  Sounds impossible?  Na, it's simple and similar to the way I do the Little Miss Muffet NEWS Badge which has worked great!  (P.S. There's freebie opportunities over there too so be sure to add that badge while you're at it.)  Here is the code and details on this badge...

NOTE: This is important ... make sure you use the code above when grabbing the blinkie as it's the only way it will be will update automatically. Once it's on your blog, the blinkie will change when I post another offer and you'll get to see the latest news right from your sidebar!  It's a great way to get alerted whenever there is another freebie, blog candy or giveaway posted!!  :D

For freebies, I'll email out the image in a couple days and it will be in a PNG format.  For blog candies and give-aways, winners will be randomly selected and announced in the next NEWS post.  Then you can send me your mailing address and I'll ship out your goodies as soon as possible.

I think that about sums it up and thank you for stopping by!  *Hugs

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Gingerbread Dance

"It's raining; it's pouring. The old man is snoring. He bumped his head and went to bed, And he couldn't get up in the morning."  It's always fun to have a change in weather when Christmas hits and this year was no let down - around midnight it started storming the worst it's had for a long time!   Not that it's bad - just lots of rain, thunder and more rain!  Gorgeous and relaxing, I say!  :D 

Here's another one of the images I colored last year that finally gets to see an ending project!  This image is also from Make it Crafty and I think is the Gingerbread Dancing.  I kept the layout simple and used some a cork sheet for texture.  The holly is something I picked up last year on clearance - so I nabbed all there was and have been saving it for this year.  I adore them!

Is anyone keeping track... how many more projects have I promised to finish?  Four left?  Hmmm... maybe I'll have some time today to sneak in the pink room and color - urm, I mean, complete stuff!  LOL  Anyway, whatever your doing today or whatever weather you're having, I hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Prince Charming and Girl With Glass Slipper

Today is going to be a long post as I show you all the pictures and details of the project I made with the images I colored for the MiC Advent Calendar.  I did a little more coloring on the basic images too so watch you for those details.  Sit back and relax and do my best to ramble on.  :D

Hmmm, where to start? Where to start!  I suppose I'll start in the beginning ... with the colored images and the details there then I'll work my way through the steps I took in creating this project. This is just the finished project of what was started there. :D Enjoy!

NOTE: For Day 7 click HERE

If you're looking for the original Make it Crafty Advent Calendar post for Day Seven then CLICK HERE.  Comments are welcome on this post, of course, but to be eligible for a chance to win the Advent Calendar Prizes, you must leave your comments on the other post, HERE

I had the wool pulled over my eyes today as my nephew said "Did you know that is Christmas Adam? Yeah, today is Christmas Adam, tomorrow is Christmas Eve and the next day is Christmas!"  Just as I was about to pull out my laptop and check it out (of course by this time I was thinking that every day in December might have an "official" name) but I was saved the troubled when the joke was revealed.  You see, I should have remembered that Adam came before Eve!!  :D

Ok, so on to some details.  To start with, I colored a little more on each of the images.  On the prince I added more shadows in his clock and under the prince too.  Then took a darker color to the trees and added more more shadows here and there.  I did the same thing with the princess side too and even remembered to add a shadow on the ground this time. 

As many of you know I like to experiment and try new things... on this project I wanted to challenge myself and change this summer courtyard scene into a winter one.  However, sometimes I'm not always that brave so I had to scan in the iamge before continuing on.  He he he

So my plan of action was to add snow all around the courtyard and the bushes.  Then pile it up on the ground and around the edges of the project.  That's a lot of messing around with and I wasn't sure how it would turn out.  Sometimes a mistake turns out well and that's what I was hoping for.  He he he.  Here are some closeup pictures of the prince and princess before I started.

How about some colors! That's a bit unusual of me but I remembered to save them this time and wanted to share them.  Especially the blue colors since they aren't a normal progression.

Grass: YG67, G24, G21, G20
Stones: C5, C3, C1, E53, E51, E50
Tree: E47, E44, E43, E42, E41
Clouds/Sky: B12, B91, B000, B0000, C1, 0
Reds: R59, R37, R35, R14
Browns/Greys: E74, T7, T6, T5, T4, T3, T1
Hair: E29, E37, E35, E21
Skin: E34, E31, E00, E000, E0000
Blues: C5, BG72, B52, B91, B0000
Shadows: C4, C3, BV25, BV23, BV20

I also tried a new technique for the clouds.  Because it turned out well I can call it a "technique" but in reality it started out as an "Oops, I just used the wrong color!"  But I continued on - I built up the cloud shape as if it was a solid object by coloring the whole thing in and shading the bottom part with darker colors.  Then I used the Blender marker and pushed out all the color in the center.  The paper I used is regular printer paper so it was thin enough that the colors were pushed through the paper and this white fluffy part is the effect.  I like how the colors are all blended together and the white part looks textured so I'll probably do it like this again.

The main project consists of two shadow boxes that are hinged together.  Before all the extras were added the two sides were able to close like a book and I thought about adding a clasp but luckily I save that idea for the end and realized it would fit.  So I'll stash that away in my mind and maybe use it on another project.  The shadow boxes were both covered with decorative paper and the edges sanded before I assembled it.  Then around the edges I sponged on some more white and give it a distressed look.

This was one of those projects where I had an thought but no idea how I was going to get there.  I worked on it little by little and finally decided that I had to stop!  So after I assembled the shadow boxes I added the show flake flurry diecuts on the bottom.  Then the ribbon happened and the cluster of flowers on the other side. I thought I would have them all white but then I glanced at the holly leaves I had and thought that would be perfect!  Especially the little bit of red tied in well with the colors I used on the image.

On the other side I balanced it out with some metal hardware and found the bird chipboard long forgotten on the corner of my desk.  I like to use chipboard naked but the idea came to me to color the birds red to go along with the other side of the panel.  Especially since the princess side didn't have any red this would be a great way to pull it over to this side.  I used Prismacolor pencils which work really nice on the chipboard and had a little fun giving it some detail.  Don't they look perfect on the top there?!  Then I added snow to the branch.

To get the snow, I used White Opal Liquid Pearls and daubed it on the images where I thought snow would gather.  I also added a bunch of it around the inside of he shadow box and especially in the corners.  And when I say a bunch... I mean I practically used up the whole bottle of Liquid Pearls!  Then while it was still wet I sprinkled on the snow flakes which are little tiny flakes of white plastic.  They might be from Flower Soft but I don't have the original packaging anymore.  The snowflakes have just enough shine and dimension on them that they really looks like freshly fallen (and fluffy) snow.

The images I used for this project are mainly from Make it Crafty but the wings added to the princess are from Little Miss Muffet Stamps.  The shadow boxes are also from Make it Crafty.

Well, I think that about wraps it up!  See I told you this was a L-O-N-G post!  Muah ha ha.  But hopefully the details were interesting enough and maybe you'll even try something similar.  :D  Thanks for stopping by and I wish you all a very "Merry Christmas Adam!"  LOL

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Angelica in Flight

Remember those images I shared a while back that were actually colored LAST year?!  LOL  I'm going to make it a goal to have them all made into cards before I go back to school in January.  So I guess you could call that a New Year's Resolution already!  Regardless, it's still something I plan on doing.  So here's the first one of the batch...

This one is Angelica in Flight by Make it Crafty.  There are a few things that I would have done differently if I had seen the finished product first - such as a different type of ribbon as the organdy ribbon hardly apears over the red.  Also, I would have centered the angle more and had her right wing spill out of the box like her dress is in the bottom.  But maybe with her being so close to the left it gives her a since of movement?  Um... yea, I'll stick with that story!

The wreath charm is from Arabella (Thanks Sweetie!) and I used red liquid pearls to color the ribbon at the top.  Then I really wanted some jingle bells so I used the white thread to tie a bow and added the two jingles at the ends.  Have a great weekend!