Monday, January 14, 2013

Fairy Bear

Get ready... It's going to be crazy here at ForgottenScraps as I switch from one season to the next and from one holiday to the next!  I just finished four Halloween cards this past week and I still have a couple Christmas cards that are saved as drafts to share... but it continues on!  Valentine cards are coming out hot off my desk and I'm starting a summer card this week with a beach and everything.  LOL  But I'm sure you'll love it all.  ;D

You might recognize the image on this card as I had shared it about a month ago.   And in keeping up with my New Year resolution, I've made a card with it but also had to color up a  new image to go with it.  These are Fairy Bear and Gingerbread Candy House from Make it Crafty. 

I used the same type of texture on the teddy bear as I did from the gingerbread house.  Then I thought it would be perfect on the sweater too but instead of dots I used short dash marks.  I thought it would be just as easy but I had a hard time remembering to make the dashes parallel and also "with" the grain of the fabric.  Luckily I started with the lighter colors and went darker so my mistakes were hidden.  :D

Oh... and I'm excited to say I now only have four Make it Crafty images to do something with and then I'll be all caught up!!  After that I can count the multitude of Little Miss Muffet images I have colored and will start working on making projects for those too.  I might fall off my chair when I count, however, so I'll save it for a weekend - it will give me plenty of opportunity to recoup.  LOL


  1. too cute!!! i absolutely love the colouring as he wearing army print? love it! :D

  2. This is so gorgeous BArbara, I just love how you´ve put these 2 together, and it works sooo perfect.

  3. Such gorgeous images and your colouring is amazing

    Sue xx

  4. The texture on everything is amazing!

  5. Love all that texture! It adds loads of interest... Wonder if I can duplicate it with colored pencil. Hummmmm... I forsee some experimentation coming. Thank you1

  6. Super cute images, and the coloring is so amazing! hugs, Kimberly


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