Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Joyful Tilda

I had a little fun the other day and actually selected an image from my forgotten collection of stamps.  Ooooh, it felt good thumbing through all those image and it was hard to choose!  But I settled on this cute Magnolia image from the Christmas Story collection which was also perfect for a Valentine theme.  Check it out...

Did you notice anything different by chance??  LOL  I'm sure you did!  This is Joyful Tilda from Magnolia and I've shading in a face with details using my Copic markers.  I've colored others with faces (just click on the Magnolia tag and you'll seen them) however, I think this one is my favorite by far! 

I stamped the image in brown so it was easy to use her existing eyes as the color of her new eyes.  Plus I think I like how the brown stamping turned out so I'll certainly be using it more and more.  As long as I'm not using black to color parts of the image with then the brown blends in more giving the image a softer look. 

My colors were inspired by the zipper I bought over the weekend and I had to come home straight away and use it on a card!  I even used my sewing maching to stitch it down and add more elements to it.  Too bad most of it is colored up but it stll counts as being used.  ;D  Now I just need to find my missing needle (the one the kids got to) so I can use my sewing maching again.  LOL

But wait, there's more!!  For those who are joined in the Magnolia-religion, I also have a "pure" Maggie to share.  :D  This is Tilda with Peony Tails that my daughter colored up.  I think she did this card back when I was doing the Backyardigans Magnolia set.  Shhh... just don't tell her it took this long to post it.  (o.o)

Thanks for coming by today and whether or not your a Magnolia purist or not, hopefully there was something here today to spark your creativity.  ;D  Have a great week!


  1. WOW!! This is stunning. Your colouring is amazing, I think Tilda looks sooooo much nicer with a face. The papers and details are gorgeous too.
    Your daughter's card is beautiful too, I love the colours and sweet image
    Sue xx

  2. oh!! wow..
    so my mouth is closed,hahahah
    dont want a wet desk,hahahh
    looks amazing
    love to see more!!!

  3. hehehehe!!! Love it!!! you naughty girl i wonder what people will say! but you know i think you have done an amazing are such a pure artist :) xx

  4. Oh this is beautiful. I just love tilda with a face. Sooooo much prettier. Your an amazing artist.

  5. Yes, another faced image! Card, coloring, and new face all look great!

  6. Wow! This is amazing, Barbara! I love the whole card, but your coloring really sends it over the top! Awesome job on the face! Your daughter's card is adorable!

  7. Love that both you and Jane blogged altered Tildas today! AWESOME work, as always. Your daughter's card is adorable too. :)

  8. Lovin the eyes Barbara! Stunning creation my friend - simply stunning!

  9. She is wonderful. The best maggie I've seen. Your daughter's card is sweet too.

  10. I just love love love when you change up the cool. My kids might even like a magnolia image if they looked like this! Great work


  11. WOW!! I love how you have colored her face!! And tell your daughter that I think she did a wonderful job with her Tilda too. :) Hugs Lotta


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