Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Quinceañera Daydream

I just wanted to tune in and show how to add pimples to an image!  Pimples?  Well, yes, even the best teenagers can try to cover up their blemishes but there is always that "one" picture that shows them off.  So in this image, I've used some orange, pinks and brown and added a couple blemishes.  The image is Quinceañera Daydream from Little Miss Muffet Stamps - check her out...

When adding them you want to find a spot on the face that they will stand out in addition to typical areas where pimples are found.  That's generally anywhere except just below the eyes and near the hairline - although they'll pop up there too.  LOL  Pimples can be more black or red or even a little white so have a little fun and experiment with your next teenager card!  Enjoy!

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