Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rosealba Faerie

Let me give this another try;  I had another post I was going to share but the keyboard I am working on is having fun with me; the period and quote keys are actually delete keys so what happened was by using those keys, it deleted my pictures Yep, the exclamation key does not work either; grrrr;   So instead of showing the project I wanted to show; I have moved on to the next one in my list; LOL

This project uses Rosealba Faerie which is a digital stamp from Little Miss Muffet Stamps and drawn by Simply Sophia;   LOL

Maybe I should stop while I am ahead; LOL  When Iget back; I can fill you in on all the fun activities I did this week AND share more pictures with you too;  he he he  Have a great week  :D


  1. Oh this is cute! I love the felt clouds and the colour palette is FAB. x

  2. What a fabulous card. I love that image.


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