Sunday, August 11, 2013

Notti Little Mushrooms

Today I've posted something on the Make it Crafty Store Blog which you can see HERE.  I have some naughty little mushrooms on my project ... er, I mean, I'd like to show you something using Notti AND Little Mushrooms!  I've merged together these two fun images to create this scene.  I wanted to color this one using the same technique as the last project; which was to color without blending and using three colors, light, medium, and dark (plus a white gel pen).

This is in attempt to duplicate the coloring style I see in the Fayes and Gnomes images in the Make it Crafty store.  This being my second attempt, I like how much easier it was to color as there was less concentration on the technique.  That allowed me to pay more attention to the shape of the color I was laying down. And as you can see I pretty much used the same colors too.  

There were two things I did different this time around... I added more dots, which I don't think I worked out very well, then I did the grass a little different, following in Jennifer Dove's footsteps, which I liked so much better.  :D  Except for the two larger mushrooms, I liked how this one turned out much better.  Plus the colors were fun to play with! This is a technique that can also be done with non-alcohol markers too!


  1. Beautiful card here BArbara, and I love your coloring very much. If I could just color half as good as this, I would be over the moon, that´s for sure.

  2. This is amazing! I think you did fabulous with this technique!!

  3. Fabulous coloring of the magical scene, Barbara!

  4. Awesome colouring Barbara!
    a fabulous card xx


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