Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Polka Dot Pals Lydie by Zoe

I have a special project that I'm posting today which was colored and created by Zoe!  She was in cahoots with Faye about this so when it arrived in the mail, I was completely, and pleasantly surprised!  This image is Polka Dot Pals Lydie from Little Miss Muffet Stamps and if you don't recognize it, that's ok, because I didn't at first either!  LOL  It's true... these Polka Dot Pal images are perfect for adding facial features which makes it possible for each one to look unique.  Check out how incredible Zoe did with this one...

I love all the details Zoe was able to include and her coloring no-lines technique is always spectacular!  Not only did she have fun adding a face, but I adore how she added details to the hair too.  Check out these close-ups...

I don't know about you but coloring like this actually inspires me to sneak into my craft room to steel a few hours of my day!  Hopefully you've been inspired as much as I have and thank you Zoe (and Faye) for sending me a snail-mail smile.  :D


  1. Oh-my-gosh, this is so stinkin' cute. How awesome to get this as a surprise by Zoe herself. Your image + her coloring = perfection.

  2. hehehe - was fun to surprise you my friend - it's a pity the left side of her face is a little wonky - with her flaring nostril and off centre iris... poor girl. But I'm sure she'll be happy hanging out in her new home.

    Oh guess what arrived in my mail today!! talk about timing. :) xoxox

  3. dommage, je n'aime pas du tout, elle est toute déformée (ma petite-fille vient de me dire, mamy qu'elle est moche!) tu ne vas pas la dessiner
    j'espère ! ma petite a 7 ans et ne se gêne pas pour me critiquer.. je lui ai expliqué que c'était un essai et qu'il faut parfois tenter !

  4. That just makes her unique and different like us all Zoe :) What a fabulous surprise for you Barbara, you are very lucky!!

  5. WOW! *claps*
    what a lovely surprise xx

  6. What a fantastic creation. Here's someone else who inspires me to get better. It is a fab combo, your image, Zoe's colouring. Love the colours too x


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