Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Melyssa and April

The challenge this month at Make it Colourful is all about the eyes and I've colored two more projects for inspiration!  Check out all the details and other DT inspiration on the Make it Colorful blog and you can also find more buzz in the MiC FB group as everyone shares their creations.

For my projects today, I've colored two Make it Crafty images, 

This first one is Melyssa.  I started off coloring up some rainbow eyes as a challenge from Amy Heffernan.  I found my inspiration from sanguisGelidus Universe Eye and loved how the universe what reflected in them.  Here's a little break down of how I did that part...

First I added the rainbow colors; then brought in the blue.  After that, I should have done the black but I did the highlights instead!  LOL  And then that's when I remembered I got a little carried away and went back in to shade the white part of the eye and to also add the black and eyelash shadows.  I also used the star highlights and brought that out into the sky.

The next part was to add the colors around the eyes using PixieCold Cold Fire Eye as inspiration.  This was a challenge set up by Zoe and I almost didn't think I could pull it off until I added the white gel pen which seemed to fix the problem.  Phew, problem solved and I don't have to try this one again.  LOL

This second image is April and she was inspired by my teamie Michelle who colored this same image with pencils.  It was amazing and I thought if I could do just half as good that I'd learn something!  However, as a little twist, since I knew I wouldn't be able to color it exactly, I wanted to play around with wrinkles.  So this is the Senior version of her original... older and still beautiful! 

Lastly, since I've been inspired by all sorts of people, you might have noticed this image has a turtleneck sweater on instead of her normal tank top.  That was Anne Liese Johannessen who said it was a mistake but I thought was a brilliant idea!


  1. Fantastic!! Great to see all the details!

  2. Sigh. How out of my depth do I feel?! Beautiful work and I love that night sky too x

  3. Amazing Barbara! I didn't realise I started that part of the challenge!? This one has certainly snowballed from the original that Zoe set :P Oh, and here's my blog if anyone is interested:

  4. These are just stunning! Truly - blows me away.


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