Saturday, June 8, 2013


Some of the cups we have for the kiddos to drink from are double lined with water in between the two layers.  The cups are clear so you can see through it and each of them has things floating in the water with a theme to it.  For example, the Valentine cups have red plastic hearts with thick round confetti floating in the water; and on the outside is a cute bear with a Valentine sentiment. So how is this related to crafting?  Oh, yeah... one of the cups, with a winter theme, actually split around the rim and the two layers separated.  Which means that's the end of that cup and time to toss it in "File 13!"  But wait... all those plastic snowflakes going to waste?  Never!  And thus... the inspiration of my next card was born...

On this project I used the rubber stamp Cynthia from Make it Crafty. She is part of the 60's Girlfriend Collection and even though she's a spring/summer theme, I thought those flowers were be perfect for Christmas!  And yes, I know they're blue - but that was my fault as I got carried away with the red dress before realizing that poinsettias are red.  Oops!  I couldn't do red anymore so went with the next color to match the papers.  LOL

Here's a closeup of Cynthia.  As a lesson... I colored this on sparkling paper and had the hardest time getting to the colors to blend.  I thought for sure it was the paper... until I realized that my markers are getting dry!  I should have paused to refill them, but by time I knew what the problem was, I was mentally finished with the coloring.  Ah, well, better luck for me next time.  (Assuming I've refilled my markers by then!  LOL)

Thanks for coming by today and I hope you've enjoyed this Christmas inspired project!  Head on over to the Make it Crafty Store Blog for more inspiration using fabulous stamps and great tutorials too!

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 Update: I was selected in the Top 3 at ABC Christmas Challenge!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Polka Dot Pals Roxie

Hello, hello, hello!  We're having new releases at Little Miss Muffet Stamps today and I'm excited to announce several new images and styles to play with!!   Check out the LMMS Blog for all the details and design team inspiration.  And wow, let me tell you, they've rocked this release!!!

For my project I've used Polka Dot Pals Roxie from Little Miss Muffet Stamps, which is currently a digital stamp.  You may not recognize her, since I've colored in some facial features.  In addition to expanding her eyes with color, I've given her chubby cheeks, a nose and mouth.  :D  These images are cute the way they are, but I love how they look with faces too.  So have fun with them and experiment a little.

In addition to playing with the eyes, I had some fun with the background too.  The clouds were colored using this simple 4-step cloud tutorial HERE.  Then the ocean was colored with the same color blues and I stroked horizontal lines from the lighter colors to darker colors (going from top to bottom).  The sand was added with dots and even the starfish was an addition.  Last, I added some ocean details with a white gel pen.

 I'm not sure what I was thinking when I put the card together but I grabbed bits and bobs from all over my craft room.  This was also the perfect chance to use the beach themed chipboard I have from Make it Crafty.  I nabbed a bunch of packages before they were retired - I just love them!

Thanks for combing by today and I welcome any comments you have to share on this new style, the new release or even the facial features!  Don't forget about the other projects by the design team and visit the LMMS Blog for all that inspiration!!  Have a fabulous day!  *Hugs

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Update: I was selected in the top five at Cupcake Craft Challenges!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Daisy Kate Hatter

It's happening! Yes, happening for sure!!  Today is the last day my kiddos go to school full day - yikes!  Tomorrow they have a half day then the rest of the summer free!  I'm both excited and anxious. :D  I'm looking forward to all the fun things we get to do this summer but at the same time, that means the kids will be home all day.  LOL  If I can figure out how we can all have a turn at the computer then I think we'll be set.  ;D

Here's a project I wanted to share using Daisy Kate Hatter from Little Miss Muffet Stamps.  I've gone with a shabby chic vintage feel fort his one and it reminds me of a perfect attic to explore!

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Here's a closeup of the hat as I like how the texture came out.  I started with a darker color and colored in hash patterns around the edges where it would be the darkest.  Then I ignored them and colored the hat like I normally would, starting with the dark colors and blending my way to the lighter colors.  Because the paper I was using grabs a hold of the darker colors, it allowed the texture to stay there just slightly enough to create an awesome effect.  I wasn't sure if it would work but it was worth a try.  :D