Saturday, September 7, 2013

Jr Hatter Michelle

I wasn't able to make anything for the Super Saturday post today for Little Miss Muffet Stamps but I also didn't want you to miss out on the specials and inspiration for today either!  So instead of having something with Wilma Kay Hatter or Snail Crawling, I'm showing an older project I colored with my Prismacolor Pencils....

I've used a couple images on this project and combined them to make a scene.  Then assembled the card with a simple layout which leaves all the focus on the image and bright colors in the center.  Here's the images from Little Miss Muffet Stamps and Make it Crafty that I combined together:

To color this image I used Prismacolor Pencils and lots of layering!  My technique consisted of using the darkest color and working my way up to the light; and gradually increasing the pressure as well.  Then by time I was on the lightest color, I was pressing the hardest and also blending all around.  This was how I was able to get the smoothest coloring as possible.

There are a few white specks that weren't able to get blended in with the colors but I think that's because the texture of my paper was a little too much.  Next time I'll have to try a smoother paper and see if it works better.  :)  Thanks for coming by today and make sure you visit the LMMS Blog to see all the gorgeous inspiration from the DT gals!! 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Polka Dot Pals Peggy

We have a fantastic release over at Little Miss Muffet Stamps that you're going to fall in love with!  Why?  We have new Polka Dot Pals to play with!!  Plus a few feline friends that have joined the mix.  :)  You'll want to make sure to visit the LMMS Blog to see the inspiration from the design team as they have done a superb job with these images!  I on the other hand, flubbed coloring my image but hopefully you'll still be impressed.  LOL

First of all, my project uses the new Polka Dot Pals Peggy and Polka Dot Pals Feline Sitting that were released today at Little Miss Muffet Stamps.  I've also used the Park Glen Door Metal Die in the background (also from LMMS) plus a few elements from Make it Crafty to create the this scene, which includes Ivy Ribbon Swing and elements from Whimsical Digi Elements.

My experimenting was on the face.  Last time I tried to do a face with an open mouth (click HERE), the mouth just didn't look right.  So this time I used inspiration from the picture on this site HERE (look for the boy eating the tomato) and I did better than last time.  However, the rest of the face makes her look like an old lady!  Yikes!  O'well, I'll try again next time and hopefully have better luck.  LOL

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Graffiti MiC

'Sup Make it Crafty fans?!  Remember the project I was coloring and posted on Make it Crafty FaceBook?  Well, here's the final result and if you remember the before version then you'll notice I wasn't very brave with my ongoings!  LOL  I was planning on casting hard dark shadows and darkening most of it as if a street lamp was the only source.  But I had liked what I colored too much to venture any further.  ;D

This project revisits the Urban Street Collection and also shows off a secrete MiC graffiti sentiment for Make it Crafty fans!  (More on the graffiti sentiments, from Little Miss Muffet Stamps, will be revealed here later this month.  I know, it's such a tease!)  To create this scene, I've used elements from the Urban Street, Factory Elements and Urban Fencing combo packs from Make it Crafty but you can get them all in the Urban Street Collection.  And trust me... you're going to want them ALL!  The character is a Toxic Teen from Simply B Stamps.  As an embellishment, I took some soft metal I had and used metal stamps to create the "be crafty" sentiment.  'Cuz, you know... Make it Crafty... be crafty?! 

The colors were inspired by Faye when she submitted her own project into the teal, mustard and brown color challenge in the MiC FaceBook group.  I was impressed by the mustard color choices and just had to try them out!  The teal didn't work out for me as well as it did for her, but the general color is there to count. 

Little Miss Muffet Stamps Images:

Make it Crafty Images:
or get it all in the ...  Urban Street Collection

Simply B Stamps Images:
Toxic Teens Tommy

I also want to direct you over to Jennifer Dove's blog for a fantastic coloring give away that she is having!  Just check out all these goodies she's included...

Thanks Jennifer for including Little Miss Muffet Stamps as one of your favorites!!  Muah!

Swings 'n Slides Carousel

Here's another carnival themed card I made this week exclusively for the sale happening at Little Miss Muffet Stamps!!  All these fun carnival themed rides, games and sentiments are on sale now but you'll probably also want to pick up a few of the characters too - they're perfect together and you'll find many uses for them individually as well.  ;D 

These two images are the Swings 'n Slides Carousel and Swings 'n Slides Carnival Sentiments from Little Miss Muffet Stamps and drawn by Pollycraft.  They're adorable to use with fun bright colors and work well for all types of celebrations including birthdays, kids cards and in your scrapbooks too!  The sentiment says "you make my world go round" and has fun arrows and hearts.

On this project I added some clouds using the simple tutorial I created a while back which was a great complement to the carousel ride.  It reminds me of all the sunny days when we go to the carnival - I guess because if it's raining the carnivals are usually closed.  LOL

I almost colored each of the horses different but I decided since my paper was kinda busy that I would keep the horses simple.  But that's okay too because there's something magical about white horses - don't you think?

Monday, September 2, 2013

Hook a Duck

I have a couple carnival themed projects to show off this week because you don't wan to miss out on the sale and they're so much fun to color!!  The sale this week is at Little Miss Muffet Stamps and you can find all the Swings 'n Slides carnival sentiments and background at a huge discount - this is a one time deal and is for a limited time.  So don't dawdle and jump on over to the LMMS Store to grab yours today!!

The images on this project are Swings 'n Slides Hook a Duck and also the Swings 'n Slides Carnival Sentiments (which also includes the little banner you see on the bottom right) from Little Miss Muffet Stamps and drawn by Pollycraft.  The sentiment I used for this one says "hooked on you" and I stamped it on a ticket stub then colored it to match the rest.

For this card, since Hook a Duck was a carnival game, I thought it would be fitting to add the little round maze game too!  I punched a hole in the top of the card so the maze could be on the inside.  Then I used the punched out circle for the backing in the maze.  The maze comes with two steel balls and I think that is in case you loose one, however, I always like to keep them both in which makes the game a bit harder.  He he he

One of the best parts about these images is that I can use bold and bright colors!  These are colors I'd normally stay away from but when I find the right image they become a lot of fun to use.  These colors were pulled from the decorative paper I used and mostly from the one with the bikes.  There's just about all the main colors... red, orange, yellow, green and blue.

Here's a close up of the sentiment that I stamped on the ticket stub.  This stub was designed for journaling in your scrapbooks but I tore it in half to use on here then punched a day and month to make it look "authentic!" 

I hope you've enjoyed this project and remember these images are on sale exclusively at Little Miss Muffet Stamps!!  Click on the Swings 'n Slides theme or search for Carnival at the top - there are many to choose from but I know you're going to want them all!!  :D