Saturday, September 14, 2013

Iris May Hatter

Today I'm 85 miles away from home sharing my day with the lovely ladies at Scrapin' Goodtime in Corsicana, Texas!!  (Find them Online and FaceBook!)  I'm teach two classes today and excited to share my coloring techniques.  :D  My first class is using Iris May Hatter and the Park Glen Door metal die to create this project...

The two techniques I'll share on this card is blending with a flicking technique I always use; plus an easy grass-ground I learned from Jennifer.

Funny story about the door knob I created on here... I had cut the ends of the brad close so that the knob could turn and the ends wouldn't show as it was twisted.  It was pretty fun and I was pretty excited!  So I glued down the door and wrote a little note on the inside for the store that said "turn the knob!"  But guess what?!  Through shipping and a little glue it arrived stuck!  LOL  Eh, it was a good thought anyway.  :D

Friday, September 13, 2013

Animal Cracker Circus

I just wanted to share a quick project I did yesterday.  And also to say - don't forget to check out the bargain bins at your craft store because sometimes a dollar stamp is just perfect for a little fun birthday card!  Here I've used one of the Animal Cracker Circus by Imaginisce to create a little girl's birthday card and for some added fun I've added a Wobble!  I've also used the Marvy Le Plume alcohol markers.  Check it out...

Wobble spring in action...

It was only *after* I had finished my projects did I remember that I have a coordinating Circus stamp to go along with these.  Shucks!  Well, maybe next time I'll remember.  LOL

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tea Party Friends - Molly

The challenge this fortnight at Little Miss Muffet Stamps is a color challenge to mainly use "Pink and Grey" on your project.  This is always a great combination and the card I created was inspired by some of Faye's projects - she has adorable little note cards and I've always ooo'd and aaa'd them!  So using her layout, this is what I came up with...

The stamp I used is the elephant from Tea Party Friends Naomi and Maya from Little Miss Muffet Stamps.  Naomi is the elephant and Maya is the bunny.  And what better color for the elephant than gray?!  Yep, my thoughts exactly!  LOL

You can find this rubber stamp in the LMMS Store and come on over to the LMMS Challenge Blog to see all the other projects using pink and gray - they're gorgeous!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fancy Sunbonnet School

With more and more kids starting school, I thought this would be a good time to share some inspiration using the Fancy Sunbonnet School image available in rubber at Little Miss Muffet Stamps!  This is such an adorable image and reminds me a lot of when I was a kid and watching Little House on the Prairie on the tellie.  I loved that show and was so excited to later learn that it was originally a book series!  Squeal!  :D

Here's a couple links that I'll share, the first one being the image I used on this project which you can find in the Little Miss Muffet Stamps store.  And the second link is to the LMMS blog and LMMS gallery where you'll find lots of other inspiration using these images!

LMMS Blog and Gallery

Thanks for dropping by today and I hope you've been inspired one way or t'other.  Cheers!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Adele - Demon Clown Mommy

I have an incredibly different project to share today which is more suited for Halloween than for September but I think you'll appreciate it nonetheless.  Just remember, I said "appreciate" not necessary "like!"  It was spurred on as a little challenge with Jennifer Dove, who also, is just as guilty as I am, thank you very much!  Her project is awesome and so much more twisted - fantastic job and it will sure to impress you!!  (Again, I said "impress" not "love!"  LOL)

If you can remember way back, I took one of Zoe's images and did the Good, the Bad and the Ugly version of Ardelia which showed how creative you can get with your coloring.  Now, I've done an Evil version!  Muah ha ha ha!!  Meet... the Demonic Clown Mommy!  ...who also happens to be a Pied Piper of spiders!)

The image is Adele from Make it Crafty and you'll have to check out the Make it Crafty store to see what her uncolored version looks like.  Zoe has this gorgeous image available in Adele Digital, Adele Rubber and as part of the A Portrait Digi Stamp Collection!  Even though you're probably not going to color her the same way I did, you should still drop one into your cart and add it to your collection.  ;D 

Check out these details and then I'll explain what I colored differently...

First is her face, which I colored with as a clown - that means giving her a big red nose too!  I tried to go for a scary, mad, frightening clown by adding wrinkles, Frankenstein stitching, bloodshot eyes and the works.  However, in the end I think she'd only partially "mad" in the clown regards.  After the face I moved on to the rest of her skin.  As you can see, she has a black tank top on - a modest addition - but she also became pregnant and is sporting her comfy sweat pants around!  No doubt she's barefoot too.  LOL  After that was taken care of, I started adding other Frankenstein/Zombie details, like a zipper (idea from a tattoo), stitching and a partially missing arm.  Yuck!  My next step was to tackle the hair... and what other feature could I add except horns?  Every demon *has* to have horns!!  I colored her hair a fiery orange and used more colors there then anywhere else!  The combination is Copics YR31, YR14, YR27, E07, E18 and E49.  Last but not least are all her little spider friends... there's 13 of them for good measures!

Unfortunately, I hadn't thought to take progress pictures while I was coloring - it was just too intense!  But here's a little mini tutorial on how to add Frankenstein stitching to your own projects... I first started by adding the stitches (using Copic E42, E44 and E49).  The second step is to add the gap of skin under the stitches which I did with R59 and E14.  The third and fourth step show how the darker skin colors were added then blended in.  What really makes it pop is the highlighted areas so be careful around the stitching and skin gap because you'll want it to be light.

Thanks for coming by today and remember to visit Jennifer's Evil Creation as well!