Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sonny Honeycloud Mistletoe

There's a new challenge opening up today at Little Miss Muffet Stamps and the theme is "We Wish You a Merry Xmas!"  It's never to early, or too late, to start working on your holiday cards so this is a challenge to get you motivated and inspired to create all those much enjoyed holiday greetings!  I've gone with a red and blue theme and did a little recycling on my project.  I'll explain that a little later... but here's my project for today...

The image is Sonny Honeycloud Mistletoe rubber stamp from Little Miss Muffet Stamps and was drawn by Pollycraft.  I think this girl would be great in many other colors too and having the mistletoe on her hat is cute and makes for a great card front!  The recycling portion on here are the snowflakes which I had used once before in the summer - they were originally in a children's cup, the ones that have a double lining with water in between.  These were the floaters and when the cup broke, I just couldn't toss them in the rubbish.  LOL

I'm excited when I use up all the papers in a theme for two reasons - one, I'm probably tired of the patterns by the end, and two, it feels good to know I've put it ALL to good use.  :D  This card is one of them and I think I'm more excited about my first reason than my second.  He he he

Thanks for dropping by and for your comments.  You can find this stamp in the LMMS Store and the challenge runs for about two weeks and is found on the LMMS Store Blog.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Miss Hood in the Woods

I was experimenting with night time skies and decided to color up this merged image which includes Miss Hood and In the Woods from Make it Crafty - two images that were born to go together.  Of course, there are other possibilities with these images too! 

My experiment was to color a sky that looked like dawn or twilight without having it actually look like a sunset or sunrise.  So I stuck with the blues and made it dark at the top and light on the horizon.  I darkened the trees with blue as well then from the bottom corners I darkened the image with a little green.  I'm not sure if that's what the woods would look like at dawn but I think I'm getting the general point across.  What do you think?

The card itself is extremely simple.  I had printed out the image 5.5" by 4.25" so I trimmed a bit off the edges and mounted it on black card stock.  Finished!  LOL

Monday, September 23, 2013

Forest Friends Foster Fawn

Another month is gone and the end of the year is approaching too fast for most of us!  But that doesn't mean I'm always in the mood for winter or Christmas thing either!  So today I'm sharing a little bit of spring with my card and staying clear way from chilly things. LOL

Here's a couple links that I'll share, the first one being the image I used on this project which you can find in the Little Miss Muffet Stamps store.  And the second link is to the LMMS blog and LMMS gallery where you'll find lots of other inspiration using these images!

plus accessories from the other Forest Friends rubber stamps
LMMS Blog and Gallery

I also have another project to share from my daughter who loves to craft along side of me.  This is a hanging heart which is propped up by my wood block in the background.  She used lot of tool - in fact, in her opinion, the more tools and accessories, the better!

I always say it, but she's so creative and it's so much fun to craft with her!  Hopefully that will last through the teen years - even if that means we're crafting side by side in silence.  But I know that it will be something we'll enjoy through out our lives.  :D