Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pot Plants and Wooden Stools

Sometimes I color an image and I just don't like how the coloring turned out and this was one of those instances.  I thought the colors were ok and even some areas the texture was good... but I just had too much ink!  But I was prepared to continue on and proceeded to create a card.  Then one of those happy accidents happen occurred and what once was bleah is now oh'yeah!

Make it Crafty Images:

Check out the Make it Crafty blog for all sorts of inspiration!
Here's the original side:

The scene was created using an image from Pot Plans and also Wooden Stools from Make it Crafty.  When I was applying the sticky tape to adhere it to my card, I saw how the back of it turned out and decided I liked it much better!

So this is actually the reverse side of the image I colored!  I went back in a few areas that didn't have any color, but for the most part, I kept it as-is.  And it even looks like I went through the effort to color with no-lines.  Who knew?!


  1. A very clever solution for you - it looks great!

  2. This is great, I love happy accidents.

  3. The backs of my images never look that good! lol


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