Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Poinsettia Fairy

As you know the two challenges for this month are (1) coloring with teal and purple and/or (2) coloring on something non-white cardstock.   I went with both and colored the Poinsettia Fairy on a thin sheet of  Balsa Wood.  I also used the Wooden Stool from the Spring release, also by Make it Crafty.  The colors of course, are purple and teal.  This fairy was stamped in black ink then colored with Prisimacolor pencils. 

The pencils were tricky to get used to because the first few layers had to be very light.  However, once the foundation was set, applying pressure with the lighter colors made these pencils blend as smooth as butter.  The background was then colored with Copic colors but I didn't like how dark it was so I went back with some lighter pencils to help lighten it up. 

Coloring on the Balsa wood was very enjoyable and I imagine I'll do it again.  :D

Make it Crafty Images:

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  1. This looks absolutely stunning.
    One very lucky person to receive this xx

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  3. This is amazing, gorgeous colouring and on wood no less.. Fantastic.

  4. love your fantastic coloring ! great card !
    greetings from sunny belgium

  5. Absolutely mesmorized by your talent! Just incredible! Did you need anythibg to blend the pencil with Copics?

    1. No, actually, I didn't use anything to blend the pencils. However, when I did the background with the Copic markers, I colored everything with the markers first then went back with the pencils. I didn't go over the pencils with the markers. Hope that helps. :D

  6. Wowowowowowonderful!!! You're a marvelous artist.
    xoxoxo Eulalia

  7. Amazing card, love everything about it, esp. that you used balsa wood, how creative!

  8. Oh I gotta try to balsa. This is over the top, beyond words, omgosh, gorgeous.


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