Saturday, July 5, 2014

Jr. Hatter Lilith

I thought it would be about time that I showcase the cards that I made for Scrapping Goodtime in Corsicana, Texas.  There were two classes I taught back in June where everyone colored along with me.  This class was focused on coloring a light source so we used gray tones to help simplify the lesson and really focus on the light.  The stamp is Jr. Hatter Lilith from Little Miss Muffet Stamps.

Light source is always a bit tricky and sometime it just doesn't look right so even on this photo I bended the rules a little bit.  For example, on the birds, I wanted the bellies to be white but I they were so small that it would be difficult to have the light source on there plus a white belly.  Therefore, I kinda ignored a light source all together and just colored them with white bellies.  LOL  You probably wouldn't have noticed that and because it's a cartoonish image, bending the rules like this isn't so bad.

Since the class was more about the coloring than the card making, most of the students didn't get around to putting their cards together.  However, when they do, this simple layout will really make the image stand out.

Thanks for coming by today and I have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Oh my gosh hun, you really are a talented lady, this is super awesome, and I love the little white bellies, lol. Gorgeous! Hugs xx

  2. I like the monotone with the pops of colour from the paper. Very nice. And oi, for posting a load together... Don't think I haven't noticed the gallery! X

  3. Well, maybe the birds just have white feathers on their bellies! Darling card, Barbara!


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