Friday, August 8, 2014

Polka Dot Pals Neva

Check this out!  Well, not too closely but you can still check it out.  LOL  This is Polka Dot Pals Neva from Little Miss Muffet Stamps on a page in my travel journal (aka The Poor Richard's Almanac book).  I've colored this one with Prismacolor pencils which went well for the most part.  However, I had some difficulty with the paper and the colors started to rub off.  You can see that around the left knee and the package ribbon.

One of the things I wanted to try out was a shadow behind the image looking like it's cast upon the wall.  However, I don't think it worked very well and I'm not sure why.  I shifted the shadow to the right but perhaps if I had also shifted it down that might have helped.  Something to try on the next one. :D


  1. This is AMAZING! TFS xo Nikki

  2. I've been watching you add to this book, it's so fascinating to watch. Such a fun idea. I would imagine Copic markers are the only thing you can't use? I so want to give this a try, gotta find a good book to use. Thanks for continually inspiring us with you art. Hugs.

    1. Thanks so much! Actually, yes I think you can use Copic markers - check this one out where I've used the Marvy alcohol markers. :D


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