Friday, May 2, 2014

Giant Flower with Razi Petal Sprite

The Make it Colourful challenge this month is to (1) Easy: Color with non-traditional skin tones or (2) Hard: try Creative Color Placement by changing the look of an image through the coloring medium only.  This was right up my ally so I joined in with the hard challenge, of course.  The coloring medium I used are graphite pencils: 2H, F, 2B, 4B and 6B.

Sometimes the hardest part is selecting an image to color and for this project, I used from Giant Flower and Razi Petal Sprite from Make it Crafty.  I merged these two digital images together then started to plan out what I wanted to change.  Most of the time I color faces on faceless characters so my goal was use a non-character image.  I knew with the Giant Flower I could pull something off in the center, however, I still wanted a character and that's how Razi came into the picture.

I'll show you the original picture below (images from the MiC store) but for now... see if you can identify what I've changed.  There are some obvious ones but I'm sure there will be a few that you miss.  And if you DO miss some, then I like to count that as a success in being able to incorporate the differences in with the image.

The butterfly also has some chipboard corner embellishments from Make it Crafty too - did you see those? You can check out the store and look at the images and here they are merged in the same scene.  Thanks for dropping by!

Make it Crafty Images:
(plus chipboard corner embellishments)
To see the post on the Make it Crafty page, click HERE to view post.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Boot House

I'd like to think that maybe, just maybe, I might have inspired Zoe a tiny-wincy to create the impromptu Boot House challenge in the Facebook group; but I doubt that was the case.  In any regards, this is one of the images I colored when Zoe was here visiting.  Coloring the Boot House wasn't enough so she also challenged me to color a marble sky.  This was done with Prismacolor Pencils on white paper.

I think it worked for the first try but I certainly have some ideas on how to improve it for the next try.  Marble was a tough one and even though I think the effect I got is cool, I'm not sure if it looks like real marble. It was a fun challenge... and now I have a challenge for you too...  you need to get Zoe to post her marble image too!  He he he

Make it Crafty Images:
(plus chipboard corners)

To see the post on the Make it Crafty page, click HERE to view post.