Saturday, October 31, 2015

Linking Train Halloween

Happy Halloween!  I had to squeeze in one more Halloween project this year and enjoyed this one.  I merged Linking Train Halloween with Linking Train Halloween Cars and Voodoo Heartache to create this scene. 

I had fun with the embellishments on this one.  My favorite are the spiders.  I've used the spider punch several times and added dots for eyes but this time I added the gem on the back.  It turned out to look more like a real spider - even though they are orange.  They're so cute (well, at least I think they are) that I included a larger photo below.  Don't get spooked!  LOL



    Happy Halloween...
    Christine x

  2. So cute!! Live voodoo heartache on the train and the cute creepy spiders!

  3. Your make wins the Halloween prize - so cute and spooky and original!!
    Sandy xx


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