Thursday, November 12, 2015

Jr. Hatter Lilith

This project is all about friendship to me.  The image was colored with all my friends at the Texas Copic Retreat last year.  I believe this is my last image from the retreat to be put onto a card and shared - however, don't quote me on that.  LOL.

The images used are Jr. Hatter Lilith from Little Miss Muffet Stamps and two from Make it Crafty, Spring Pebble Ground and Spring Fence

I mentioned it was cleared with all my friends, right?  Well, not only with them, but by them too!  This was a round robin style activity that we thought of.  Everyone stamped an image to color and pass around the room.  We all had a small amount of time to add something to the image before we passed it to the right.  Once the images traveled around the room and back to the owner, it was completely covered. 

It was such a fun project and now we all have something that was colored by each of us.  I loved it!


  1. It is beautiful.
    And really special to hold those memories. Keep it by you in your crafty space. Smiles.xx

  2. Love the idea of "round robin"! Much more fun when shared! Beautiful results!


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