Monday, November 2, 2015

Mystic Unicorn

Do you ever have one of those projects that just doesn't come out right?  This is definitely one of those projects for me.  I usually color the image after I have selected the paper.  When I do, the project turns out better and when I don't, well, it looks like this.  I guess there isn't anything horribly warning but the colors work for me.  Maybe that's just me. 

I colored this Mystic Unicorn, by Whimsy, a while ago.  In fact, I colored two at the same time, one black and one white, because I couldn't figure out which I wanted to use on my journal page.  (You can see the other Mystic Unicorn HERE.)  You can spend more time looking at that one, in my opinion, and just pass this one by.  Move along . . . nothing to see! 

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