Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sushi - Rice Crispy Style

This project took some coaxing to get my sous chefs in the kitchen but once they realized "Mom's Sushi Project" consisted of candy and rice crispy treats, they were eager to join the fun.  They each made a variety to fill their trays with and even sneaked a few bites inbetween.  Yummy! 

For the nori (seaweed), we used fruit rollups;  The roe (fish eggs) are made out of jelly-beans that were cut in half; the tako (octopus) is actually a gummy candy that came that way - bonus!  The rest of the tidbits include pull-apart licorice, sour fruit bits and Swedish fish, plus, of course, the rice crispies as the rice. 

We had lots of fun and this will make for a fun sweet snack during our Spring Break.  

Amelia's Tray:

Lydia's Tray

Cassandra's Tray