Sunday, January 8, 2017

Animorphia Postcard Owl

I've been wanting to color some images by Kerby Rosanes and found a small booklet of Animorphia Postcards that were just the right size. I started out with the owl since I didn't have to think about the colors too much.  My daughter said she'd finish the little doodles on the back if she could mail it so I thought that was a good deal.  


  1. Nice coloring, I have the bigger book and iT takes Some time to finish a page. This postcard is perfect site.

    1. I agree! LOL My daughter has that bigger book too but she wouldn't share so I had to find my own. I was thrilled when I found this size. :D

  2. Love this. My daughter in law would love this owl, too. Very nice coloring.


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